Founded by Aloisio and Suely Cravo in 1990, Aloisio Cravo arises from the desire to establish an institution capable of meeting the secondary market’s demand for relevant pieces of art within Brazilian artists scope. A pioneer in the selection of contemporary art, the house introduces this concept in the early 2000s, dynamizing the auction market and redirecting its focus in the country. Since then, Aloisio Cravo has been carrying out important events that contemplate and celebrate the importance of Brazilian and international art.

With over 30 years of experience in the art business, Aloisio Cravo acts as an organizer and official auctioneer since the establishment of the house. In addition, he actively participates in projects of several cultural and charitable institutions.



How to Buy

All auctions are open to the public. No invitation is required to participate. We encourage visiting the exhibitions that take place on the week before the auctions, in order to acquire more information.

To purchase a piece of art at an auction, it is required to agree to all the rules defined on the auction’s bylaws, which are available on the catalog and on the website.

How to Sell

To sell a piece of art, the first step is to contact us and send, via e-mail, images and information on the piece, so that we can identify it, analyze it and verify its adequacy to our current auctions.

Then, the next step is to formalize a consignment agreement in which both parts agree on minimum values for the auction sale.


Aloisio Cravo has extensive experience providing valuations
of private and public collections, as well as insurance valuations.

For more information, please contact us.


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